Entourage Finance and TwoSix Wellness have partnered to bring financial wellness to Melbourne businesses in 2018 and reduce the incidence of financial stress.

Nearly 1 in 3 Australian are experiencing financial stress, impacting mental and physical health. It also impacts their ability to concentrate work, sleep and experience wellbeing in their everyday lives.  The workshops aim to help Australians gain insight into their spending, provide them with skills to create and manage a budget, and reduce debt helping to improve their financial wellbeing.

Bree Pagliuso of TwoSix Wellness said, “We identified in 2017 that financial wellness is hugely important for our clients, and we knew had to help educate people on finding and maintaining financial wellness. So, we set out to find the right partner for our business and are pleased to announce this partnership with Entourage Finance.”

Damien Roylance, Director at Entourage Finance agrees, “Working in finance we see the impacts of people who are struggling to manage their finances – they are depressed and anxious, it causes relationship break-downs and worse. When we come across someone who is experiencing financial stress, rather than sending people off to a lender who is more lenient with financials, we decided to take a different, longer term approach. That is to educate and help people make smart money decision, set and track goals and provide a more holistic service to our clients to help them grow their wealth.”

“We’re pretty excited to partner with TwoSix Wellness and help take this message of financial wellness more broadly within the community.” said Roylance.

Available through TwoSix Wellness or Entourage, these sessions are open to businesses who want to provide education and support to their employees as part of their broader Employee Benefits Programme or as a one-off session.

Contact us on 03 9421 1651 or email chantelle@entourage.com.au if you’d like to book a workshop for your business.