Corporate Financial Wellness Workshops

Entourage Finance knows corporate financial wellness. We've developed workshops available for you to deliver to your team as part of your employee benefits program or as a one off session.

Why should financial wellness be part of your workplace wellness program?

There are a lot of reasons to provide financial wellness in the workplace, but probably the most compelling is that financial stress impacts workplace behaviour and has a flow on effect to productivity and presenteeism.

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24% of Australians are financially stressed

AMP's 2016 workplace financial wellness study revealed 24% of Aussies are experiencing financial stress. The result is predicted to be around $47.2B in lost revenue thanks to sick days and presenteeism (when someone is at work, but not being productive).

The most stressed people have no savings

ANZ's 2018 Financial Wellbeing survey revealed those with less than $1,000 in savings were the most stressed. By helping employees to find their feet financially you help to create a more stable and centred workforce.

38% greater workforce engagement

A team that receives ongoing education, development and resources is going to be more engaged (around 38% more engaged if you care about stats) and are more likely to stay with the business longer than those who are largely left to their own devices.

Getting started

Introduction to Financial Wellness

This workshop is suitable for businesses with a young demographic of employees, people struggling financially or with a workforce just starting out in their financial lives.

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Getting established

Financial Wellness for Growth

When your team are feeling more confident with their money it becomes easier to really drive their wealth goals. This workshop is designed for more established employees ready to grow financially.

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Read the literature

Research & Resources

There's an increasing number of organisations researching financial wellbeing and its effects on workplace wellness. We'll keep updating this section as new information comes to hand.

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