First Home Buyer Resources

Entourage Finance knows First Home Buyers. We've pulled together a variety of resources for you to access to help get your finances in order to get into your first home.

The below resources have been created to help you get into your first home.

We don't believe in getting into your first home faster. The truth is it takes a lot of hard work, generally a few sacrifices and quite a bit of hustle to save what you need to save, negotiate with the agent on price and educate yourself on something that you generally don't know very much about. We've prepared these resources to assist you in growing your knowledge. We also recommend you get yourself some advice along the way.

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Watch: How Andrew bought his first investment at 23

Think long term

You might be feeling uncomfortable about your short term prospects when it comes to lifestyle sacrifices.

You can’t have it all

Obviously. Andrew suggests you might be able to have it all, but it's probably not going to be at the same time.

Get a side hustle

There are heaps of ways you can increase your income such as consulting, tutoring or even driving an Uber.

Save, save and save

Andrew lived very frugally and saved 50-75% of his income every single week, living off the minimum he could manage.

Educate yourself

Knowledge is power and this truism is actually quite accurate. Spend the time researching and improving your knowledge.

Speak to an expert

Make sure you engage professionals and experts throughout such as a mortgage broker (hello Entourage), accountants and buyers advocates.

Getting started.

Savings & Budgeting Tools

When you're first getting started saving for your first home or investment it's important to set yourself up to succeed. Below are some tips and tools to get your savings set up right.

Join Our Financial Wellness ChallengeSaving TipsBudgeting AppsThe Envelope BudgetMindful SpendingEmergency FundLoan Repayment CalculatorASIC Money Smart SavingsAutomate your moneyGet a side hustle
Get a little help.

First Home Buyer Concessions

Getting into your first home is an expensive proposition for a lot of young Aussies. So the federal and state governments provide incentives depending on your situation to help give you a leg up in the market.

First Home Buyer Concessions ExplainedVideo on concessionsFirst Home Owner GrantSuper Saver SchemeHomesVic ProgramExplaining HomesVicStamp Duty Concessions (VIC Only)
Buying an investment property.


Sometimes you don't want to live in the first property you purchase, below is some information to utilise in researching your first investment.

Are you ready to buy an investment?Property InvestmentRentvestingProperty Investment StrategyOffset accountsInterest Only vs. P&I Loans

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