Conveyancing Jul 10, 2019

Introducing Entourage Legal

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Entourage_©Tatjana Plitt_1120
Entourage_©Tatjana Plitt_1120

We have an announcement to make – we’ve added to our services!


We’re pleased to announce an expansion of services as our conveyancing arm becomes Entourage Legal, to support clients at all stages of their property wealth journey.

The unique, diversified model for a mortgage broking business will anticipate and meet the needs of anyone planning a property related transaction, not just borrowers and refinancers.

“The vision was always to create a full-service business that was a trusted hub for all things property and finance,” says director Damien Roylance. 

After five years, offering conveyancing was an obvious flow-on from Entourage Finance’s property lending service. The evolution to a holistic end-to-end offering with Entourage Legal makes sense both as a business and to our clients.

Caroline Symington, Director of Entourage Legal explains, “Our business has matured and many of our clients are diversifying how they use property to meet their goals”. We are very conscious of our clients needs and wants and accordingly have expanded our business and our affiliations so as to offer broader property and related supports.  

“With Entourage Legal, we will be uniquely placed to support our clients in many arenas. From protecting their interests as first home buyers, to assisting with further purchases and investments through the entire journey to protecting our clients and their loved ones in retirement.”

Entourage Legal will provide trusted consultation and direction for clients for all property transactions, including buying or selling a home or business, transferring ownership, subdividing and realigning boundaries, consolidating and developing, leasing and property into retirement. 

“From contract reviews and due diligence enquiries, to preparation of contracts of sale and completion of settlement we can help with any question you have when it comes to the legal ins and outs of property and related transactions and will do so in plain language, leaving the legal jargon at the door,” continues Caroline. 

“Whether you are entering the property market or diversifying your property wealth strategy, Entourage Legal can assist. We will liaise with real estate agents, other property and related professionals and provide advice so as to guide you through every step of the way.” 

Talk to Entourage Legal with regard any property-related transaction. As your team of specialists, here to help navigate the finances and legalities with confidence, Entourage has your back.

For further information, please contact Entourage Legal at or phone 03 9421 1651.