How Jarrod bought his dream home

Jarrod was referred to Entourage by another buyer’s agent based in Sydney who knew we were the best team available to help Jarrod secure his next home, little did Jarrod know we would be buying his dream home. Jarrod’s original brief was to assist with searching for off-market opportunities as he is an experienced property investor and wanted to leverage our relationships. Over time, Jarrod came to decide he wanted to engage Entourage to assist in other parts of the process too. The key areas Entourage and buyer’s advocate Antoinette Sagaria was able to help Jarrod with included:

  • Off-market property search
  • Negotiation with listing agents
  • Pre-settlement management

Jarrod’s journey was in no way linear. The market in Melbourne at the end of 2022 was an interesting one, with stock levels a little lumpy and general buyer and vendor confidence low owing to falling house prices and rising interest rates. He had a very specific property in mind and the on-market opportunities in the location he was looking searching in didn’t meet his brief. He engaged the Entourage team to find off-market opportunities within his budget.

A property appeared on the market however that met all of his criteria and Jarrod knew this was the one. The indicative price guide was initially within his budget however as often happens, it was increased during the campaign, which meant the property was beyond the original budget. Jarrod was able to free up additional funds by selling some assets and the property was back in play, however the Entourage team wanted to make sure Jarrod didn’t overpay, despite knowing it was his dream home. We wanted to ensure he purchased the property for the right amount representing good value and in turn ensure sound return on investment, not necessarily spend his whole budget.

Jarrod had planned to complete the transaction himself, however changed this mind and engaged the Entourage team to talk strategy, negotiate with the agent and leverage our relationships to get the deal done. Which we did. Antoinette was able to secure Jarrod’s dream home in the days prior to it going to auction and was a fantastic result for all parties.

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In his own words:

“Antoinette Sagaria was engaged as my buyer advocate and I can honestly say hand on heart, she is the absolute best in her field – she bought me the house of my dreams and I am forever grateful to her for making this possible. Antoinette always had my very best interests at heart from day 1, she is the most magnificent person to work with and I have now recommended her widely (and will continue to do so) to all my friends and family. If you are looking for a buyer advocate, you don’t need to look anywhere else, she is the absolute perfect choice. She had a very clear strategic vision and plan from the outset and put my mind at ease. She also has a very extensive network and is extremely well respected and regarded across the entire industry. Almost every agent I speak to knows Antoinette and speaks so highly of her – she has earned a great reputation which is thoroughly well deserved. At all times, I had full trust in her decision making and was very happy to let her lead the entire process – and I’m so glad she did! She was extremely responsive at all times, works extremely hard and always made herself available to ensure that I felt truly supported from start and all the way along the process until the successful purchase. She is the ultimate professional and an absolutely brilliant negotiator – I look forward to continuing to work with Antoinette on other projects well into the future. Thanks Antoinette for all your truly amazing work and also to Lara who was absolutely terrific in supporting on the purchase process and a true pleasure to deal with at all times. Lara was extremely responsive, dedicated, helpful and supportive during the entire process. They make a really great team and one which I will continue to work with long into the future!”