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Buying a car? Entourage Finance has you covered with a huge range of car finance options suitable for private, business and luxury car purchases.

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Car finance for every situation.

Private or business, new or used.

Get yourself an entourage when buying your car. Entourage Finance can take care of the boring bits so you can enjoy the big stuff – like cruising around town in your new wheels.

We take away the pressure.

So you can buy your car with confidence.

Some car dealerships pressure you to obtain finance through them on the spot, however this isn’t always in your best interest. Entourage Finance helps you take the pressure off of purchasing.

Private Car Purchase.

We can help you with car selection, advice on where and when to buy and provide information on repayments and structures.

Luxury Car Ownership.

You don’t settle for second best when you buy your car, so don’t settle for second best when you arrange your finance for it.

Business Vehicles Sorted.

If you’re after something to help you in your 9-5, we can help with that too. We’ll help you structure your lending to make the most of your circumstances.

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Get in the drivers' seat with Entourage Finance.

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