People & Community

We believe in supporting our community and providing assistance to those less fortunate.

An entourage for those in need

We believe being an active part of the community is incredibly important as a business. Entourage is not just a business, we’re a group of people with passions, families and our own struggles.
A big part of our work includes being involved with charitable organisations, and helping across a range of different causes that are important to our team and community.
Within the Entourage business we’ve taken steps to help improve the financial literacy and wellness of our community via our Financial Wellness Program and Challenge. To learn more about how we can help you or your business get in touch.

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Our contributions to date

Our charity partners

We’ve chosen to support a range of charities near and dear to our hearts and the hearts of our clients:

Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation
Fight MND
Royal Children's Hospital
Movember Foundation

We also use thankyou. products in our office bathroom and homes.

How we contribute

Entourage donates $10 for every $100,000 of loans settled for our clients. On settlement of their loan, our clients choose which the charity they would like their donation to be made to. We update our tally each month a donation is paid.

In addition, throughout the year we participate in one off separate fundraising activities including:

February: FebFast
March: Run For The Kids
June: Big Freeze
July: Run Melbourne
November: Movember

Want to contribute to an Entourage cause?

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