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Selling a property is an undertaking most people experience few times in their lifetime, and it can be an overwhelming experience for various reasons. Vendor Advocate can ensure that you achieve the very best result.

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We assist you in putting your home or investment on the market, setting the strategy from the very beginning to ensure that you achieve the best result possible. From advice on how to present the property to helping you choose the right agent, all the way through to auction day, we’re by your side guiding you through the process. Best of all, the service is no extra cost to you outside of the regular agent fees charged.

Your Vendor Advocate

A Vendor Advocate does more than just help you get your property ready to sell. From deciding to list all the way through to settlement, a Vendor Advocate is your project manager and property advisor

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Not only will you get a professional with over 15 years' experience buying and selling property, there's no extra cost to you as we share a percentage of the commission normally paid to the real estate agent.

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