The Entourage Guide to
Selling Your Property

Selling your house but not sure where to start? Expert Property Advocate Antoinette Sagaria provides a comprehensive look at what’s involved in selling your property and how to put your best foot forward.

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Make the most of your sale using our insider knowledge

Getting prepared

Before you even think about contacting an agent there are several key steps to consider including why you want to sell, whether a vendor advocate could help you and conducting market research.

Before you list

Knowing what you want to achieve and aligning your strategy is important. We walk you through the way we think when preparing a strategy and how you can prepare yours too.

Choosing the right agent

One of the top mistakes we see is people choosing the wrong agent to sell their property. Learn how to select the right agent for your sale.

Going to market

Understand the different selling methods available and what might work for you and your property. You might be surprised at the different tactics you can use depending on your target buyer.

Marketing the property

Could you increase the value of your property by engaging a stylist? Discover other tips and tricks sellers use when marketing their property.

The sale

Whilst you might not be the one negotiating with the buyer, it’s important to understand the process and what happens once an offer has been made.

About Antoinette Sagaria

As a fully licenced agent and Melbourne University alumna, Antoinette was the perfect choice to head the Property division.

Having dedicated the past 15 years to real estate and property, Antoinette brings a level of insight, dedication and an enviable business network in support of her clients.

Antoinette’s success comes from her intrinsic ability to cultivate and nurture relationships, this is born out when it comes time to act for her client. Offering services for both buyers and vendors, home seekers and investors, first home buyers and beyond; Antoinette’s strengths certainly lie in supporting clients, managing expectations and helping individuals in making the most of their individual situations. Antoinette also has a profound knowledge and interest in architecture, building and construction which has proved invaluable to clients both buying and selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this guide all about?

Time and again we come across people looking to sell their home or investment property and don’t know where to start. We’ve made it easy by outlining the process step by step. You’ll get an understanding of:

  • What goes into preparing a property to get the best price
  • Choosing the right agent for your sale
  • How a vendor advocate can help make you more money
  • Guidance on whether to buy or sell first
  • What happens when your property is listed
  • The steps that occur once an offer has been made

Who should read this?

This guide is for those who are thinking about selling a house or other residential property.

Whether the property is your home or an investment property, whether you’re upgrading, downgrading or cashing out you’ll get some great tips on putting your best foot forward to the market.

Do I have to be an Entourage client to benefit from this?

No you don’t. Whether you decide to utilise a vendor advocate like Entourage Property or not, you’ll still get lots of handy information about the process of selling, things to ask your agent and different ways you can market and sell your property.

But if you want to be an Entourage client, then get in touch, we’d love to help you make the most of your property sale.

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