Conveyancing and legal

If you need Property Conveyancers Melbourne to help take care of your property purchase or sale then you’ve come to the right place. Entourage boasts conveyancing lawyers Melbourne with over 17 years’ experience in all aspects of property law who are able to help support and guide you through the process.

Buying property conveyancer Melbourne

When you buy property in Melbourne, it’s important you have the right conveyancer on your side to correctly review the section 32 for you. Before you sign a contract of sale and commit to buying a property it’s crucial to ensure your interests are legally protected. Entourage are your experts in conveyancing Victoria Melbourne.

Our conveyancing team who assist you when buying property will ensure:

  • The clauses in the contract don’t put you at a disadvantage
  • Thorough review of the section 32
  • Advice on what to negotiate, change or have removed
  • All searches include covenants and title
  • PEXA registrations and settlement


Selling property contract preparation Melbourne

If you’re selling property you need the best conveyancing in Melbourne. From contract preparation through to negotiations, settlement and beyond our fixed fee conveyancing service helps you at every stage.

Key steps in the process are:

  • Preparing your contract of sale
  • Supporting you through negotiations and amendments
  • Arranging transfer of Title deeds, PEXA registration and settlement
  • Delay free settlement


Property Lawyers Melbourne

Not only are the Entourage team experts in conveyancing, but our property law specialist Melbourne also help with property disputes, development legal advice, commercial and residential property law.

If you need property dispute lawyers Melbourne you can’t go past the Entourage team who have an excellent resolution rate and the right experience to support you through negotiations.