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Superannuation and retirement planning

You deserve the best

Having a team of experts working together magnifies the returns you can achieve when planning your retirement.

Having an entourage means:

  • Identifying your retirement and wealth goals and creating a strategic plan to achieve these
  • Ensuring you have the right investment and asset allocation for your age and stage
  • Maximising your superannuation contributions for growth and tax effectiveness

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Retirement Planning
Put all your eggs in one basket

Whilst we don’t advocate having everything invested in a single asset (e.g. only holding shares in one bank) we do advocate having all of your superannuation rolled into one fund. This simply magnifies the power of the compound interest you are earning and reduces the number of fees you will pay.

Secure your financial future

Don’t put off planning for your future because it feels a long way away. They key to having wealth in the future is to start contributing more today. Many Australians leave it until their 50’s to start seriously looking at their superannuation and by then it’s too late.

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Self-managed superannuation funds

For lots of people a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) makes a lot of sense, gives them more control and greater flexibility. SMSF’s are not for everyone however we can help you compare your options and determine whether or not an SMSF may benefit you.

Buying and Selling
Asset allocation and diversification

Being invested in the right way as you get older is a key part to ensuring continued growth and regular cashflow. Whether you start working towards a more cash heavy portfolio as you near retirement or implement a different strategy, your Entourage financial planner can help you determine your risk appetite and structure your portfolio accordingly.

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Do something you’ll thank yourself for later

Planning for the future

With many messages floating around like “treat yourself” and people experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out) it’s easy to let loose and live in the now. Whilst this is be to applauded, it’s also important that you don’t only live in the now. Thinking about the needs of future you is also very important.

Many people choose not to invest in their future, instead focusing on the next lunch or dinner, investing in a designer handbag or pair of leather shoes rather than investing in their superannuation.

That’s where we come in. Planning for retirement doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of your enjoyment of today. By creating a strategic plan and key steps on how to achieve this you can relish today and plan for tomorrow simultaneously.

Whether you need to consolidate multiple funds into one, review your asset allocation and diversification or set up a salary sacrifice or personal contributions, future you will thank you for having an entourage on your side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked all sorts of questions, here are answers to some of the most common:

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When should I start planning for retirement?

It’s never too early to plan for your future. This could be through investing, saving or superannuation.

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Who are my superannuation beneficiaries?

When you pass away, your superannuation is paid out to your beneficiaries. Many of us are guilty of not updating this as often as we should.

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Can I buy property through my SMSF?

Yes, you have greater flexibility when it comes to your investment selection via a SMSF. But there are some things you need to bear in mind.

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