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Wealth creation and investments

Holistic money management

Having a team of experts who work with you helps to create and execute long term wealth creation plans.

Having an entourage means:

  • Identifying your financial goals and creating a strategic plan to achieve these
  • Ensuring you have the right investment and asset allocation for your age and stage
  • Managing your debt, investments and assets to ensure all are working together to benefit you

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Financial planning

With you at every step

Corporate Wellness
Diversifying your assets

Ensuring your asset allocation is diversified is an important step a financial planner will take. This includes reviewing your current position and understanding what your short, medium and long term goals are. Then adjusting accordingly.

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Thinking about the future

It’s easy to get caught up in the immediate returns and plans you may have. Speaking to a financial planner like Entourage Wealth helps you take a step back and look at the big picture and the long term.

Saving you time

Researching investments, managed funds, ETF’s, individual companies and all of the difference possibilities is a full time job. Having an entourage means we do the research and present the facts to you in an easy to understand, succinct way – saving you time and helping you make informed decisions.

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Regular reporting and reviews

Entourage Wealth are transparent, provision regular reporting and reviews on your wealth and debt position. This means you always know where you stand and can make necessary changes well ahead of time. Reach your wealth goals sooner with an entourage.

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Planning to succeed

Financial goal setting

Many people neglect to include financial goals when they plan for the future. But there’s some data we’d like to share and it’s a little scary. 1 in 3 Australians is experiencing financial stress. This means around 30% of the population are struggling to pay bills, living pay to pay and feeling negative about their finances. The impacts of financial stress are far reaching on your relationships and personal wellbeing.

Having an entourage means avoid financial stress and creating long term wealth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked all sorts of questions, here are answers to some of the most common:

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What is a financial planner?

Primarily talking about money can be a bit of no-go topic, but if you want to be kept on target and create a genuine wealth strategy it pays to open up.

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When should I start retirement planning?

Do you know how much money you’re going to need when you retire? Lots of people don’t which is why thinking about it now pays off later.

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Have you got life insurance?

Individual scenarios aside, there’s one thing that stands out every single time and it’s this: those fortunate enough to seek advice early took out life insurance when they were young, fit and healthy.

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