Mitch Tait

Client Service Manager

Mitchell Trait

Mitch Trait is a seasoned credit analyst at Entourage, bringing seven years of industry experience within the finance sector. Since joining Entourage in May 2024, Mitch has distinguished himself through his analytical acumen and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Mitch’s professional journey in finance started in Retail Banking & Home Lending across a number of different roles and as he progressed over the years he moved into Commercial & Private Banking as an Assistant Manager working under the Relationship Manager in the Health Banking team. At which point he was awarded the Assistant Manager state rep position. This then progressed into a Relationship Manager position within the same team – all of which was over his 7 year journey with the ANZ!

A testament to his dedication, Mitch’s favourite aspect of his job is building meaningful relationships with clients and guiding them through their financial endeavours. His client-centric philosophy focuses on fostering relationships and using his experience to guide them through a sometimes confusing and challenging process. He enjoys getting to meet clients and listening to their situation and working through different options to find the one that is best suited for them.

Outside of work, Mitch maintains a balanced lifestyle by staying active, socialising with friends, and cherishing quality time spent with family during visits back home. His dedication to both personal and professional pursuits reflects his holistic approach to life and commitment to excellence in all endeavors.

Mitch Trait is an invaluable asset to the Entourage team, driving success and prosperity for clients and colleagues alike.

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