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It is important that you are aware of the benefits offered in investing within Superannuation. Investing in your future is incredibly important and Superannuation is one way you can secure your financial future.
Entourage Wealth can help you to:
• Establish a new Superannuation account
• Review, roll-over or consolidate your existing Superannuation
• Ensure appropriate diversification within your portfolio
• Set up salary sacrifice, or additional contributions based on your goals

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Personal Protection Insurance

When your life changes, so too may your Personal Protection Insurance needs to ensure any financial risk is adequately covered.
Changes to your personal circumstances might include the birth of a child, a change in relationship status or marriage, the purchase of property or a change in employment. Or it may be that you simply don’t have cover in place at all.
Entourage Wealth is able to assist with your:
• Personal Life Insurance
• Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
• Trauma Insurance
• Income Protection Insurance and
• Business Expense Insurances.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement is a significant life event and should most definitely be planned for. Retirement Planning is more than just ensuring you have adequate Superannuation. It means covering all bases so you can have the retirement you deserve when you’re ready to leave the workforce.
No matter what stage of life you are it is never too late to review your affairs and ensure you are taking advantage of all that is available to you in this space.

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Growing your Wealth should encompass many areas, including investing across a range of asset classes (also known as diversification). Our teams’ ability to collaborate on this front helps facilitate timely and efficient outcomes. While we can advise you across multiple asset classes in order to build your Wealth.
Our team is available to assist you locate the right investment choice, while collaborating to produce timely and effective outcomes.

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Debt Management

When it comes to managing your budget and cash flow, there’s no one better equipped to help you than Entourage Wealth. We work closely with our Finance Brokers to ensure your debt is structured to maximise its benefit.
Entourage Wealth supports you in:
• Budget planning
• Cash flow management
And our team at Entourage Finance can assist with:
• Loan applications and refinancing
• Debt restructure

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Wealth Creation Solutions

This is our holistic Financial Management service – supporting you in Wealth Creation. We utilise all of the skills outlined above to provide sound and tax effective investment solutions, based on your goals, targets and specific financial circumstances.
We ensure you’ve got adequate Insurance in place to protect your assets and income, refine your Superannuation investments for maximum benefit and ensure your retirement is planned for. We maximise the effectiveness of your debt structure to ensure it’s working for you and collaborate on your investments.

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Estate Planning

We ensure your Estate Planning needs are met; this includes consulting on your behalf with our Legal team. This ensures you get a plan that fits with the legacy you want to leave your family.

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