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How Wes financed his business expansion

Wes started his own business, Citizen Outdoor after 20 years experience in advertising. He ran into problems which would prevent him from expanding additional permitted sites. The key areas Entourage and finance broker Nick Ash were able to help Wes with included:

  • Assistance with cash flow forecasting and income projections
  • Borrowing power and lending options
  • Recommendations on suitable commercial funders

Traditionally, it’s been challenging to obtain finance in this space despite long term leases in place. There are some variables at play such as steel manufacture supply and the delivery and installation of the weatherproof LED screens which come from the US and China. With large upfront costs for installation, and no income generating on the assets until advertising commences, this can prove challenging for cash flow management.

Fortunately, Nick has a background in accounting and was able to utilise cash flow forecasts to provide income projections to the lender. Overall, Citizen Outdoor had a strong proposal and the funders were very comfortable offering the credit, allowing Citizen Outdoor the opportunity to develop and fit-out new sites and grow well ahead of their original forecasts.

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