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Our finance and property team work closely together to ensure the process of buying property in Australia whilst you’re overseas is easy.

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How it works

The buying process

Buying from overseas is no more complex than if you were in the country, the main difference is that you can’t physically inspect properties. Here’s how our integrated team helps you through the buying process.

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Getting a pre-approval

Our Finance team will arrange your pre-approval. This will ensure you know how much you can confidently buy for.

If you have any foreign income or earnings the lender will be aware of your specific situation upfront. This ensures there are no surprises when it comes to obtaining formal approval as the lender has all of your income, occupation and residency information from the outset.

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Finding a property

Entourage Property has the right Buyer’s Advocate on hand to help you find the right property for you. You’ll brief our team on all the important details and we’ll develop a strategy to suit.

Once we’ve found something you are interested in, our team will conduct inspections and provide detailed reports on the suitability along with video inspections and live walk-throughs with you. We can arrange all building and pest inspections and commence discussions with the vendor’s real estate agent.

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Negotiating and bidding

Once you’ve committed to buying the property, our Buyer’s Advocate will negotiate or bid on your behalf.

Signing and executing contracts will be facilitated on your behalf and our legal team will ensure your interests are represented throughout.

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Getting your finance formally approved

Once the contract is signed, the Mortgage Brokers on our Finance team will convert your pre-approval to formal approval.

There may be some extra paperwork required here such a fresh payslips if it has been a few months since the original pre-approval was obtained.

Difference Between Conditional and Unconditional Home Loan Approval

About Entourage Property Advisory

Professional and Expert Buyer’s Advocates

Entourage Property are experts at helping overseas home buyers to find, inspect and purchase their Australian properties. Our team make a sometimes difficult and challenging process smooth and easy. The team are all qualified and licensed real estate professionals. Entourage Property deeply understands the Melbourne property market and know what it takes to help Australians buy great property, even if when the buyer isn’t here in person.


About Entourage Finance

Qualified and Experienced Finance Brokers

Entourage Finance is a mortgage brokerage with experience mortgage brokers who helps overseas home buyers to finance their Australian property purchases. We guide expats through the buying process ensuring they make all the right steps along the way from pre-approval to settlement. The team are all qualified and experienced finance brokers. First and foremost, they are passionate about their clients and of course, passionate about property.

Our team has helped buyers across the world secure their next Australian property. We have assisted Australian expats in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, UK and the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start the buying process?

We will have a meeting on the phone, or an online video chat (your preference) and go through your parameters in detail. We might do this once, twice or three times to ensure you’re absolutely comfortable with starting the purchase process.

Does it cost more because we’re overseas/interstate?

No, the cost to you remains exactly the same, whether you are in Melbourne, interstate or overseas. The buying process is really the same for us, you’ll likely require our full service model which includes property sourcing, inspections, negotiations and pre-settlement work.

What if the property needs work before we can live in it?

We can assist in arranging trades and/or giving guidance as to what work might need to be done and what will improve the liveability before you move in.