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Financial Wellness

a group of people attending or surrounding an important person.

Entourage is all about you. Your property goals and your financial success.

Financial Wellness
March 27, 2020

Managing your financial wellbeing in a pandemic

What steps should I take if I am starting to struggle financially? First and foremost, give your Entourage broker a call. We know your financial position very well, along with…

FinanceHome LoanSaving
March 18, 2020

Will these rate drops mean I’ll pay my home loan off quicker?

In short, yes. But as always, there’s a bit of a caveat on that. Each time your lender drops your home loan rates, quite often you’ll receive an email or…

FinanceFinancial WellnessHome Loan
March 18, 2020

Emergency relief packages offered by Australian banks

Last updated 1 April 2020. First and foremost, if you’re dealing with financial hardship, speak to your Entourage broker. They are trained in how to help support you during tough…

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