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You deserve the advantage

The Entourage effect

Having a team of experts working together magnifies the returns you can achieve when buying or selling property.

Your entourage will:

  • Give you a competitive edge when buying or selling property
  • Seamlessly organise your home loan and finances

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Why work with us

Who we are

Experience award-winning service from a team that thrives on listening to your needs. By listening and using our experience to ask the right questions, we’ll find the perfect fit — whether that’s a new home or the right loan to finance it. Our in-depth research on your behalf takes the guesswork out of financing property and applying the best strategic thinking.

Our clients don’t queue on hold for the bank. They make a call to someone who knows them better every year, someone who makes everything easier.

Your entourage

This is your expert team

Managing Director

Damien Roylance

Director of Property

Antoinette Sagaria

Operations Manager

Emma Gorey

Partner / Finance Broker

Vincent Moore

Marketing Manager

Chantelle Doulis

Client Service Manager

Kristel Ongoco

Partner / Finance Broker

Hume Leow

Finance Broker

Candice Joseph

Finance Broker

Nittaya Phommachack

Credit Analyst

Vivian Yuan

Finance Broker

Nick Ash

Finance Broker

Nicole Duggan

Client Service Manager

Lauren Brown

Client Service Manager

Lauren Cunningham

Client Service Manager

Allie Martin

Office & Marketing Coordinator

Lara Williams

Credit Analyst

Mikaela Patterson

Client Service Manager

Tamanna Jain

Client Service Manager

Nick Fruewirth