Get yourself a side hustle

Financial Wellness Mar 8, 2018

5 min read

Want to get out of debt, build an emergency fund or save for a home deposit more quickly? Perhaps you need a side hustle! That is, a way (or multiple ways) to make some extra cash without quitting your day job.

We’ve rounded up 5 of the most popular and easy ways you can side hustle to top up your moula!


1. Use tech to sell your stuff all around the world

Sell your pre-loved items on eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, Carousel, Bonanza, Still White, Etsy, Quicksales……the list goes on. We find the best for each category are:

Furniture and large items – Gumtree

Designer clothing & accessories – Carousel, eBay, FB Marketplace, FB BSS Groups

Crafts/handmade, unique items, vintage clothes – Etsy

Non-designer clothing & accessories – eBay

Miscellaneous goods – eBay, Quicksales

New business start-up products – Bonanza

Your wedding dress (!) – Still White,

Jewellery – eBay, I Do Now I Don’t

Lots of people are even using Instagram to resell their used clothes.


2. Side hustle by embracing the gig economy

Many Aussies are embracing the gig economy to make the most of their excess goods and items around the home or to utilise and develop skills they have. The gig economy lets you work when it suits you, thanks to the internet and our hyper-connectedness these days, you can work just about any time you like on just about anything you like.

So we say market those skilllllls baby! If you’re a bit handy in the home or garden, try Airtasker. If you’re a computer buff, try Fiverr. If you’re a wordsmith, try freelance writing – there are a load of publications that will pay, see The Write Life for a comprehensive list. If you have car you could also try Uber driving, which let’s you earn money at any time you like.


3. Use the sharing economy for your side hustle

The sharing economy lets you leverage items you have around the home (including even your car) to share or rent to other people.

Did you know you can rent out your spare room/empty home (AirBnB), your car (Car Next Door) and your designer dresses (The Volte), on your terms and whenever it fits in with your life? The sharing economy is indeed alive and well!


4. Side hustle online

Do some online surveys whilst chilling on the sofa. It sure isn’t going to make you rich, but if you just love to give your opinion, it’ll come easy. Some of the best and most reliable payers are Swagbucks, Octopus and Pure Profile. You might want to set up a specific email for this purpose to keep it separated from all your electronic bills and important stuff.


5. Get a doggy side hustle

Are you doggy mad but just don’t have enough time, space or organisation for a full-time pup? You can still get your fix of furry cuddles by dog sitting or walking other people’s dogs! Try Pawshake or Madpaws to offer your services. Woof!


Know of a sweet side hustle that we’ve missed? Let us know email or contact us.