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Sell property with your entourage

Our legal and property team work closely together to ensure the process of selling property in Australia whilst you’re overseas is easy.

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How it works

The sales process

Selling property whilst you are overseas can feel overwhelming, particularly as you aren’t on hand to ensure the property looks the way you want it to. Getting your property ready, finding the right agent and negotiating with a buyer are all more challenging from abroad. That’s where we come in.

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We start the process with a walk-through of your property and begin to draw up recommendations on any work we feel would be beneficial to the sales campaign. This can include things like decluttering, painting and presentation advice. Here we coordinate trades for you and ensure the administrative elements are taken care of.

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Agent Review

We then invite leading agents in your area to provide submissions on the sale of your property. We will provide you with recommendations on the different selling strategies suggested.

We will also negotiate a fair and reasonable selling fee. Part of this process is also ensuring that a suitable and cost-effective marketing campaign is put together.

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Once an agent is chosen we work closely to get the sales campaign up and running including furniture staging, photography, listing and go-live. We are the agent’s point of contact, so they don’t use tactics to ‘force the sale’ or simply sugar coat the progress of the campaign.

We assess buyer feedback after “open for inspections” and ensure any offers or comments made by potential purchasers are communicated to you, ensuring you remain informed.

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Mid-campaign Update

We will arrange a mid-campaign and pre-auction meeting with the agents to discuss strategy on auction day or where the property is being sold privately or by expressions of interests, we will meet accordingly.

We ensure that an appropriate strategy is employed depending on number of potential buyers and the feedback we’ve received. Part of this process is determining your reserve so that there’s no risk of under selling the property.

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Our team will ensure your settlement goes through smoothly. This means keeping the vendor updated when your finance is approved or if an extension is required for any reason, we can ensure this takes place.

On settlement day our team do all the heavy lifting. All you need to do it sit back and wait for notification that the sale has gone through and for the funds to hit your account.

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About Entourage Property Advisory

Experienced Vendor Advocates

Our expert Property Advisory team have helped many vendors both overseas and interstate to sell their properties. The team project manage every aspect of the sale to ensure top price and a seamless experience for the vendor. The team are all qualified and licensed real estate professionals with a deep knowledge and understanding of the Melbourne property market. They know what it takes to ensure your property hits the market in the best way possible, in order to maximise the sale price and minimise your expenses.

Our team has helped vendors across the world to sell their property. We have assisted Australian expats in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, UK and the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start the sales process?

We will have a meeting on the phone, or an online video chat (your preference) and go through your parameters in detail. We might do this once, twice or three times to ensure you’re absolutely comfortable with starting the sale process.

Does it cost more because we’re overseas/interstate?

No, the cost to you remains exactly the same, whether you are in Melbourne, interstate or overseas. The sales process is really the same for us. Better yet, we share the commission payable to the agent upon success, so until the property sells we don’t get paid.

What if my property is tenanted?

That’s easy, once we have authority to act on your behalf we can speak to your rental manager or tenants and arrange access to the property. We’ll give you advice around how the property should be best presented for sale.

I won’t be there for the campaign is this a problem?

We have had many clients sell their property without ever meeting with us in person. We are an end to end service that can ensure that from the day we have access to settlement, the process is smooth and successful.

What if the property needs work before it sells?

We can assist in arranging trades and/or giving guidance as to what work might need to be done and what will improve the value.

How do we organise a due diligence?

Leave this to us. We can organise a building and pest inspection or liaise with any other necessary third parties. Note: you’ll still be required to pay for the building and pest inspection, this is not included in our fee.