Entourage & Neue Black become ONE!

Finance Oct 20, 2019

2 min read


We are very excited to announce that Entourage and Neue Black Finance has become ONE!

It has been a very busy 2019 and it brings us great pleasure to be able to announce the merge of two great companies to you.

Damien Roylance and Neue Black Director Marshall Condon, made the decision to expand the business’ and service offerings to their clients.

“We both wanted the same out of the merge and that was, it had to be the right fit culturally for the staff and most importantly a smooth transition for our clients”.

Entourage as you know come fully loaded with a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion. Not only do we have a number of experienced brokers, but we also offer Entourage Legal & Conveyancing and Entourage Property.

For us taking on Neue Black means from here on in Entourage and Neue Black clients will have access to a broader amount of expertise and offerings. We are your local property and finance experts providing you with extra expert advice and support, and the extensive knowledge and connections our team possess at your fingertips.

We look forward to introducing you to our new team and hope to see you in our new headquarters very soon!