Your Smart Home and the Internet of Things

Property Apr 23, 2018

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Your Smart Home and the Internet of Things
Your Smart Home and the Internet of Things
It started with the world wide web in 1989, a tool for scientists and others to share research. By 1995 telephones could connect to the internet and since then there’s been thousands of products allowing you to control your smart home wirelessly hitting the market. The internet has meant we are all more connected than ever before not just to each other, but to our things and homes as well.

So we wanted to share a few of our fave tech products you can connect up to make yours a Smart Home too:

Samsung Family Hub Fridge

Never run out of milk again with a fridge that manages your food. A simple interface that allows you to order groceries any time from your fridge or phone? Yes please!

This epic fridge has built in cameras that you can access whilst you’re at the shops to check whether you need to stock up on anything (or keep an eye on who ate the last Tim Tam).

It doesn’t just manage food, you can have a family calendar on the screen detailing everyone’s schedule, leave messages for each other and even have digital a digital photo album on there.

Best of all, you can talk to your fridge like you would a digital assistant – set timers, play music and look up recipes all without lifting a finger.

For just under $5k it’s a hefty investment in the kitchen, but we think it’ll be a game changer in the long run.


Telstra Smart Home Hub

Have your lights and appliances turn on and off when you walk into the room. The idea behind the Telstra Smart Home is that your home will basically welcome you ‘home’ when you get there.

The cool thing about the Telstra devices, it that they’re simply a connector that you plug your devices into allowing you to turn them on and off – theoretically you could connect just about any electronic gadget.


Zen Thermostat

Control your home environment from anywhere – get the cooler on half an hour before you walk in the day on those sweltering 40 degree days or have your nest heated and ready to snuggle into in the thick of winter.

They even say they can help improve your energy efficiency plus it’s easy to use and looks pretty sweet too.


Control everything with Google Home

Well maybe not everything, but with some many different smart products available with connectivity technology it makes sense to have one device to manage it all, rather than hundreds of different apps on your phone/tablet. This is where we think digital assistants are really going to shine in the coming years.

Using something like a Google Home you can manage your devices allowing you to interface with your technology using voice commands.


We’re picturing a future where Google will update you in the morning on the weather, what’s on for the day, where your investments are at and new finance offers based on your current home loan.

The only other thing we’ll say for now is make sure your web security is awesome. A virus on your computer is painful enough, but what about a virus in your fridge that orders 1,000 eggs every week or one that messes with your smart lights – turning them on and off all night long. Ouch.