What are the most in demand Melbourne school zones to buy in?

Property Oct 19, 2021

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melbourne school zones primary school buyers agents
melbourne school zones primary school buyers agents

It’s safe to say we all want the best for our kids, and this definitely applies when it comes to getting them a good education. Property prices across Melbourne are soaring, none more so than those surrounding the best public schools in Melbourne.

The most in demand catchment areas which have seen the highest growth recently include Kunyung Primary School in Mt Eliza, Richmond Primary School, Mount Eliza North Primary School and Heidelberg Primary School. These catchments have all seen property price growth in excess of 35% in the past year.

Why are people rushing to these areas?

Many of the school zones sit in highly desirable areas, Mt Eliza for example is a suburb on the Mornington Peninsula which has seen excellent growth over the past few years. Many families have been moving away from the city during the COVID pandemic and there’s been an influx of younger families in tree and sea-change suburbs.

In our neck of the woods, Richmond is another area which is seeing a boom around the local primary school. Property prices in the Richmond Primary School catchment grew by 39.6% over the last year.

Is it just that these schools sit in a growth suburb?

This could account for some of the growth, however some individual school catchments within suburbs are increasing at a rate which is far higher than the surrounding suburb. This would tend to indicate that families are moving into specific catchments and driving prices up in their bid to be in their preferred school zone.

Mornington Peninsula is a hot spot

A range of school catchment areas along the Mornington Peninsula are seeing phenomenal growth. Such as Kunyung Primary School in Mt Eliza with a median house price of $1.93M and YoY house price growth of 45.70%.

Mt Eliza Primary, Mt Martha Primary and Sorrento Primary catchments on the Mornington Peninsula all have median house prices exceeding $1.2M.

Could the school catchment area change?

Something to consider, is that periodically school zones are redrawn. This means if you move into an area when your children are very young, bear in mind you may find yourself in a different school zone should this occur.

Our Melbourne Buyer’s Agent Antoinette Sagaria says if you are buying in an area for a specific school, then it’s important to ensure you are buying well within the school catchment zone and not on the fringes.

She also says it’s a good idea to look at schools in nearby suburbs too. If it’s going to save you 10% (or more) on your purchase price, then you can look at using those savings in other ways such as on family holidays, extracurricular activities or pop the money into a fund for university.

If you’re thinking about buying in a particular area or for a particular school, get in touch with our Best Melbourne Buyer’s Agent who can guide you through the process.

Check out the full list by Domain.com below to see the top growing school catchment areas:

School zone Median July 2021 YoY
Kunyung Primary School $1,930,000 45.70%
Richmond Primary School $1,842,500 39.60%
Mount Eliza North Primary School $1,650,000 37.50%
Heidelberg Primary School $1,510,000 36.70%
Valkstone Primary School $1,726,000 35.40%
Eastbourne Primary School $660,000 33.30%
Diamond Valley College $990,000 33.20%
Glen Waverley Primary School $1,881,944 33.00%
Sorrento Primary School $1,620,000 32.20%
Surrey Hills Primary School $2,040,000 29.90%
Pakenham Lakeside Primary School $626,500 29.20%
Dromana Primary School $875,000 27.70%
Clayton South Primary School $978,100 26.90%
Williamstown North Primary School $1,525,000 26.80%
Mount Martha Primary School $1,255,000 26.50%
Mount Eliza Secondary College $1,453,000 26.30%
Preston Primary School $1,100,000 25.70%
Cheltenham Primary School $1,196,000 25.60%
St Helena Secondary College $1,077,500 25.50%
Edgars Creek Secondary College $595,000 25.30%
Derinya Primary School $1,100,000 25.00%
Werribee Secondary College $587,000 24.90%
Aldercourt Primary School $565,000 23.60%
Beaumaris Primary School $1,870,000 23.60%
Caulfield Junior College $2,462,500 23.10%
Malvern Valley Primary School $1,226,250 23.10%
Mount Erin Secondary College $787,500 23.00%
Craigieburn Secondary College $615,000 22.90%
Cranbourne East Secondary College $600,000 22.70%
Glenroy West Primary School $797,500 22.70%
Chelsea Heights Primary School $922,000 21.90%
Mckinnon Primary School $1,647,000 21.80%
Kingsley Park Primary School $766,500 21.70%
Beaumaris Secondary College $1,765,000 21.70%
Melton South Primary School $480,000 21.50%
Moonee Ponds West Primary School $1,457,500 21.50%
Manorvale Primary School $525,000 20.80%
Wilandra Rise Primary School $592,700 20.70%
Ripponlea Primary School $2,140,000 20.60%

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