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Antoinette Sagaria

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Antoinette Sagaria joined the Entourage team in December 2019, launching Entourage Property Advisory. As a fully licenced agent and Melbourne University alumna, Antoinette was the perfect choice to head the Property division.

Having dedicated the past 15 years to real estate and property, Antoinette brings a level of insight, dedication and an enviable business network in support of her clients.

Antoinette’s success comes from her intrinsic ability to cultivate and nurture relationships, this is born out when it comes time to act for her client. Offering services for both buyers and vendors, home seekers and investors, first home buyers and beyond; Antoinette’s strengths certainly lie in supporting clients, managing expectations and helping individuals in making the most of their individual situations. Antoinette also has a profound knowledge and interest in architecture, building and construction which has proved invaluable to clients both buying and selling.

The best part of her day is signing that contract. Whether the client bought or sold, that is the point that makes it all real for everyone involved, the point they can celebrate a job well done.

One of the high points in Antoinette’s career as a buyers advocate has been helping  clients finding off-market properties and knowing she was able to save them a fortune to be able to invest in future returns. On the other side,  Antoinette is quite partial to encouraging a bit of a bidding war resulting in her vendors achieving an extra few thousand on a sale they often would have happily accepted less. In her own words “A dollar is a dollar and better that it’s in my client’s pocket that someone else’s”.

  • Real Estate Licence: 084946L
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