Buying an investment

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Buying an investment

Grow your wealth through property

When investing in property it’s crucial to get the right advice upfront to maximise your position and set yourself up for future success.

Having an entourage means:

  • Devising and executing a unique investing strategy to grow your portfolio
  • Providing you the right advice when you need it
  • Ensuring you stay on top of market movements
  • Guidance on financing new builds, renovations or developments

Get a pre-approval

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Investing in property

With you every step of the way

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Investing without cash

When buying an investment, if you have other assets you may not need to have a cash deposit saved. Entourage will help you to understand your financial position and we’ll carefully craft a strategy to make the most of it.

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Saving you time

More than anyone else, investors don’t have time to sit on hold. Your life is busy and full without waiting for a bank to get back to you, or having to provide documents again and again.

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Matching you with the right loan

Investment lending is complex, layered and mistakes are easily made. Having an entourage means you have an investment lending adviser who understands the market, how to get the most out of lending structures and who will work with your professional team to get the deal done.

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Building the lifestyle

You are growing a portfolio and working towards a certain lifestyle. Step into our sleek office in Cremorne and tell us where you’re going, glass of bubbles in hand. Then walk out knowing we’ll get you there.

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Investing in property

Getting pre-approved upfront

As investors know, you need to be able to move on the deal when it comes your way which is why it’s important to have your ducks in a row. Entourage can assist with upfront pre-approval so you are ready when the next great property comes along.

Entourage ensures you are ready to buy by:

  • Ensuring your finances are in order to purchase
  • Getting the right lender behind your deal to maximise success
  • Investing in the right advice before you invest in your next property

Get a pre-approval

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are buying, building, renovating, developing or a bit of everything – if you’ve got a question, we’ve got the answer.

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