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Buying your next home: You deserve the best support

When it comes time to upgrade and buy your next home, life is usually a little more complex. When upgrading, it’s important to the right advice and ensure you are making solid decisions to continue to grow your wealth through property.

Having an entourage means:

  • Taking the complexity out of buying your next home
  • Providing you the right advice when you need it
  • Understanding your position, and devising and executing a strategy to meet your changing needs

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Making buying and selling easy: With you every step of the way

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Accessing equity

Having held your property for a while, you may be looking to utilize the equity you’ve accrued in order to take your next step. We’ll help you look at the best way to finance your next purchase and ensure your personal financial situation is in the best possible shape.

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Saving you time

By getting yourself an entourage, you have a single point of contact to access multiple services and save time by providing your information only once. Additionally, you also get the right advice at the right time – whether it be about your financial structure, finding the right property or reviewing the contract – you have an entourage at your fingertips.

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The best loan for you

The best loan for you may not be the cheapest home loan. Though this is not something you need to think about that. As your lending experts, it’s our job to know the options available, understand your financial position and goals and to ensure you have the best structure and strategy for your unique needs. With over 1000 different products and features, we’ll provide a solution that fits the brief.

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Living your best life

Having an entourage is so much more than just a home loan. You could sit on hold for hours waiting to speak to who doesn’t know who you are. Or you could walk into our sleek Cremorne office, enjoy a glass of bubbles and share your big dreams. Then we’ll get to work and make it happen for you.

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Buying in a competitive market: Get ahead of the rest

Buying your next home in a competitive market can be a challenge. Getting a pre-approval upfront before you begin looking means when it comes time to make an offer, you can go in quickly and with confidence.

Give yourself a head start by working with Entourage. We’ve assembled the perfect team to support, advise and guide you at every step of the way from selecting your asset through to negotiation, settlement and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked all sorts of questions, here answers are some common questions you might have

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Should I buy or sell first?

If you’re looking to upgrade your home, the big question you are facing is whether you should buy first and then sell or the other way around.

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What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan (also known as bridging finance) is a short-term loan which helps you to finance your next purchase while you wait for your current property to sell.

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What does it cost to buy and sell?

In this article we look at what costs you are likely to incur when buying and selling property.

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What is debt-to-income ratio?

Simply put, the DTI refers to how much total debt you have divided by the gross income you earn per year.

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What is equity?

In short, equity is the accumulated worth of your property after subtracting the amount you still owe in loan repayments.  

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Is it ok to change jobs when buying a house?

In a nutshell, no. We generally recommend you wait until after your loan has settled before you look at changing your job or employment situation. There are some exceptions to this which we will explore further.

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