Construction Finance

Renovation loan, building loan or financing a development

Construction and Building Loans

Entourage are the experts when it comes to a loan for your renovation, owner occupier building project or residential development.Having assisted many clients over the years, we’ve got the right experience to help you to access a range of funding options. You could be:

  • Building your own home,
  • Purchasing off the plan,
  • Renovating your existing property, or
  • Trying your hand at a sub-division or development.

If you’ve got a big idea, we can help you secure the loan to make it a reality.


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Building loans, reno loan, remodel loan or development finance

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Financing your next project

Renovation Loan Experts

Engaging a finance expert for your construction, renovation or development project.

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Building Finance

Finance for an investment build is not necessarily the same as for an owner occupier build. It’s a great idea to chat with an expert like those at Entourage who can help you understand the ins and outs of financing your build.

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Home construction loan

Entourage brokers assist with home construction loans – whether you’re doing a knock down rebuild, starting on empty land or purchasing off the plan. With over 35 lenders to choose from, we can help you find the right lender for you

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Renovation loan

Depending on whether you are making structural or cosmetic changes, there are a range of reno loan options available. This can include anything from accessing equity via a top-up or redraw, through to a full construction loan.

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Development Finance

Our team have helped finance site acquisition, fund complex larger developments and smaller sub-divisions too. Development finance can be complex and varied depending on what you are planning so speak with us first.

Construction Finance

Financing your development

Development Finance

When it comes to financing your development, understanding the credit policy and lending rules, how developments are valued by lenders and whether your development falls into residential or commercial lending are all crucial factors.

Ensuring your success is what we do, whether it’s helping you:

  • Understand the feasibility of your proposal,
  • Structure the lending, or
  • Assisting with a joint venture.

Our development finance team has the knowledge and experience to assist in making your development a success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No doubt you have many questions, here are some of the most common we get.

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How do construction loans work?

If you are building a home and need to finance it, then chances are you will be applying for construction loans.

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Can you finance an uninhabitable property?

Uninhabitable basically means the average person can’t live in it. What if you want to buy it anyway?

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What does it cost to flip property?

The problem with thinking you can DIY your reno (or an investment property) is that a lot of the work requires licensed and highly skilled people to carry it out.

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Know your material facts before buying

Material facts, when put together with all of your other requirements, can influence your decision to buy the property.

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