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Cashflow is a major factor for most businesses

Getting the right advice helps you get it right

Managing your cash flow successfully and ensuring your outgoings aren’t exceeding your income is a core part of good business management.

Having an entourage helps you:

  • Operate with good working capital
  • Provide access to fixed asset funding
  • Ensuring you stay on top of market movements

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Commercial Finance

Helping you stay on top of your business finances


Working Capital

Ensuring you have access to working capital assists you with managing your cashflow, buying stock, and helps with ongoing expenses. Whether you need to borrow funds, access equity or consolidate date, Entourage ensures you are getting a great rate.

Financial Wellness

Fixed Asset Funding

Capital investment in software or hardware purchasing or upgrading vehicles, equipment and even office fit outs are all large expenses that we can assist you in funding.

Commercial Finance

Commercial Property Investment

Deciding buy or invest in commercial premises can be tricky. You need to ensure the location, zoning, size and fit-out are meeting your needs. Getting the right loan is easy, we review the market and make sure you have the best option to meet your changing needs.


Business Purchase and Expansion

Are you looking to purchase a business or company, buy a minority shareholding in a business or your employer or expand your current operation? Come into our office and share your

Guiding you through

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers:

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Should you rent or buy your business premises?

Deciding whether to rent or buy commercial premises can be tricky. Rent or interest and repayments can be one of the highest costs in your business. There is a lot to consider.

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