Vendor Advocates

Maximising your sale

Having an entourage makes it easier to sell property

Property breakthroughs come faster with an expert vendor advocate on your team.

Having an entourage means:

  • Making informed decisions on what is going to get you the best outcome for your property sale
  • A project manager who takes care of all the details from pre-listing to settlement day
  • Guiding you through a complex process with many moving parts and professionals along the way

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Vendor Advocacy

Selling it the first time


Wealth Creation
Put your best foot forward

A Real Estate Agent is rarely going to have the time to go through all the fine details on what could potentially net you a greater sale price. Engaging a Vendor Advocate gets you a property expert who knows exactly what you need to put in place to present your property in the best light and achieve the best sale price possible.

First Home Buyer
Developing a strategy

Like all good sales and marketing, when you sell your property you need to understand who your buyer is and the best way to engage with them. This means starting with the outcome you want and working backwards from there. Selling a house is much more than just listing it on a website and crossing your fingers.

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Two for the price of one

Many people think a Vendor Advocate can be expensive, the truth is quite different. Vendor Advocates simply share in the fee the real estate agent traditionally charges. The result? Your out of pocket cost is exactly the same but you get two completely independent experts for the price of one.

Vendor Advocates
Sell it the first time

External forces can have an impact on how long your property sits on the market and of course on the eventual sale price. But there are a lot of factors you can control from how to present the property through to choosing the right agent and sales strategy. A Vendor Advocate helps you make the right decisions at the right time to sell your property for the right price.

Vendor Advocates

Making selling property easy

Helping avoid costly mistakes

The chances are you don’t sell property very often.

A Vendor Advocate helps you to avoid costly mistakes by:

  • Starting with your outcome and creating a strategy to achieve this
  • Helping you select the right agent and method to sell your property
  • Taking the emotions out of the picture

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Vendor Advocacy

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t profess to have all the answers, but here are a few:

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Considering selling?

Download the Entourage Guide to Selling your property here.


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What is a Vendor’s Advocate?

A Vendor’s Advocate helps you to sell your property and is involved from the initial strategic planning phase following the campaign through to settlement day.

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What mistakes should I avoid when selling?

Consistently working with both buyers and vendors means we keep abreast of what’s happening in the market and how we can maximise this for our vendors.

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Should I buy or sell first?

We work with many people looking to upgrade, but who are unsure about which order they should be doing it in.

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Do I have to pay Capital Gains Tax when I sell my property?

A capital gain or loss is generally the difference between what you paid for an asset you purchased and what you eventually sell it for.

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Handy tips from a Vendor’s Advocate: Wait for the auction or sell prior?

Why would you take an offer before when you stand to make so much more if you go to auction?

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