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Mortgage broker for lawyers and legal professionals: Expert advice for lawyer and legal professionals

As a lawyer or legal professional, there are a range of great home loan packages available to you. Partnering with an expert mortgage broker ensures you are receiving the right advice for your financial and lending situation, whilst accessing products tailored for your needs.

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Access unique home loans specialised for lawyers: Specialist home loans just for lawyers and legal professionals

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Loans without LMI

You may be able to borrow up to 90% of the purchase price without paying lenders mortgage insurance (STLA).

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Special discounts on interest rates

Many lenders offer special discounts and everyday low interest rates on home loans for lawyers and legal professionals.

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Customised lawyer loan packages

Lawyers, solicitors, barristers and partners, along with judges and magistrates can all access specialty lending packages designed for legal professionals.

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Options for companies and individuals

Whether purchasing in your own name or via a company, Entourage can assist you in organising your finance for residential or commercial property.


Loans for a range of legal professions: Which professions can access lawyer home loan packages?

There are a range of different professions who can access lawyer and legal profession home loans. Commonly included professions are:

  • Lawyers
  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Partners
  • Judges
  • Magistrates
  • Australian Government Solicitor

In most cases you simply need to be able to supply your current Practising Certificate or evidence that one of the conditions of your employment is that you are prohibited to hold a Practicing Certificate.

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Lawyer home loans for association members: Do I need to be a member of an industry association?

Some lenders will require you to be a member of:

  • Law Council of Australia
  • Law Society of NSW
  • Law Society of South Australia
  • Queensland Law Society
  • The Australian Bar Association
  • Law Institute of Victoria
  • Australian Labour Law Association
  • Australian Corporate Lawyers Association
  • The Commercial Law Association of Australia
  • Australian Insurance Law Association

Some other industry bodies are accepted on a case by case basis. Several of our lenders do not require evidence of your membership however they will require a copy of your degree or evidence that you are currently practising in order to get access to special discounts.

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Don’t spend your valuable spare time looking at banks: Lawyers save time and money using a broker

Just as legal professionals select specialisations, so too do finance experts. Ensuring you have a broker who is experienced in lending within the legal profession is important. Entourage brokers are highly trained specialists, providing dedicated, expert advice from start to finish.

The Entourage team help you navigate the complex process of obtaining pre-approval, particularly if you are a partner or owner in your own firm.

Whether you run your own practice or are employed in public or private practice, we understand the many and varied specialisations, each with its own set of nuances when it comes to hours of work, payment structures and business opportunities. We have a comprehensive understanding of this type of income and this allows us to offer options that are not always available through the mainstream financial institutions. With no LMI, our legal make huge savings and access sophisticated lending products.


More generous loan terms: Borrow 90% with no lenders mortgage insurance (LMI)

You may be able to borrow anywhere from 80%-90% LVR without paying any LMI on the loan for residential or commercial property. There are minimum income limits to be able to access these packages, chat with an Entourage broker to find to more.