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Most people only sell property a handful of times their entire lives and it can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. Even if you do happen to have experience selling multiple properties, you may find it’s a smoother process when working with a professional Vendor’s Advocate.

Here are our top ten reasons to work with a Vendor’s Advocate:

1. You get two experts for the price of one

A Vendor’s Advocate like Entourage doesn’t charge any additional fee for the service provided. Instead, we share the commission that the real estate agent would receive. So at no extra out of pocket cost for you, you get two teams of experts for the price of one.

2. Helping you select the best agent

There are a range of different ways you can sell a property, but most people will sell via a real estate agent. Knowing who to choose can be a challenge and at times there can be a personality clash or a difference in opinion on price or sales strategy. This is where a Vendor’s Advocate is handy. We help you choose the best agent and manage the relationship for you to get the best outcome.

3. A project manager taking care of the little things

A Vendor’s Advocate is essentially a project manager for your sale. This means we take care of those little, annoying things to help ensure a seamless preparation, marketing and negotiation process – all you need to do is review the offer and wait for settlement!

4. Putting your best foot forward

A real estate agent is rarely going to have time to go through the fine details to make the most of your sale. They are busy and generally rely on quantity rather than quality of sales to meet their sales targets. A Vendor’s Advocate takes the time to focus on those little details and achieve the best sale price possible.

5. Building a quality strategy

Like all good sales and marketing, when you sell your property, you need to understand who your buyer is and the best way to engage with them. This means starting with the outcome you want and working backwards from there. Selling a house is much more than just listing it on a website and crossing your fingers.

6. Selecting the right method of sale

There’s no question, many agents love an auction. The market determines the price, the sale is unconditional, and the marketing is very straightforward. This doesn’t mean it’s the best method of sale for your property and location. Your Vendor’s Advocate will help you understand all the options, their pros and their cons.

7. Increasing off-market opportunities

Many agents love an on-market campaign, it’s basically free advertising for them as you pay for the signage, collateral and online listings – all of which feature their face and name. But sometimes an off-market sale is going to be more beneficial and cost effective to you. There are going to be certain times in the market when listings drop off, however, there are still plenty of transactions occurring off-market. This can be due to vendor hesitancy to list in a falling market or it could be the location and buyer type who prefer discreet transactions which occur outside of the public realm.

8. Discretion and confidentiality

There are going to be times you may not necessarily want to advertise that you are selling your property. A Vendor’s Advocate can discreetly engage an agent and handle the sale quietly on your behalf ensuring your confidentiality is respected ensuring your sale is kept out of any media attention.

9. Avoiding costly mistakes

You’ve no doubt heard stories of property sitting on the market for months costing the vendor thousands in marketing and maintenance costs waiting for it to sell. External forces can have an impact on how long your property sits on the market and of course on the eventual sale price. But there are a lot of factors you can control from how to present the property through to choosing the right agent and sales strategy. A Vendor’s Advocate helps you make the right decisions at the right time to sell your property for the right price.

10. Taking the emotion out of the picture

If you’re selling your home where you had your kids, celebrated major milestones and raised a family then understandably you are going to be deeply emotionally attached to the property. This can make it challenging to analytically work your way through the sale and make any changes required to ensure an optimal outcome. Working with a Vendor’s Advocate helps take the emotion out of the picture to ensure the best result for your sale no matter how long you’ve called the property home.

From being able to achieve great sales prices through to having someone take care of all the little things, property breakthroughs come faster with an expert Vendor’s Advocate on your team. 

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