Entourage Finance knows how to get you into your first home sooner. Have your family guarantee your mortgage using their property as security and save you time and money.

Getting into the property market can be challenging.

Your family can give you a helping hand to get into your first home faster.

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How does a guarantor work?

Get into the property market with a little help.

Getting a helping hand into the property market is common for many families. Securing your first home loan without having to save a huge deposit sounds appealing right? Entourage Finance can help you prepare a strategy to buy your first property, with a little help from your family.

Avoid Paying Thousands In LMI.

If you're purchasing a home with less than a 20% deposit, your lender requires you to take out Lenders' Mortgage Insurance (LMI). LMI policies can cost up to $20,000.00 - or much more.

Get Yourself A Better Rate.

Banks and lenders see a guaranteed loan as a lower risk loan. And in the world of finance, low risk equals a better rate for you and more options to choose from.

Guarantors Aren’t Forever.

Once you’ve paid off a chunk of your loan, or your property’s value increases, you can remove your guarantor from your loan. Happy days.

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