Luxury properties with a 5% deposit and no LMI

Finance May 6, 2024

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Luxury properties with a 5% deposit and no LMI
Luxury properties with a 5% deposit and no LMI

Exciting news! Did you know you can purchase an owner occupied or investment property for up to $8M with just a 5% deposit and no LMI to pay?

We have recently been given access to a new product with one of the major banks for luxury property purchases from $2 Mil up to $8 Mil in value. They can be either an owner occupied or investment property (I/O or P&I).


Eligibility criteria applies which includes:

  • Good credit report
  • No construction projects or vacant land
  • No guarantor applications
  • Must be in individual name, can’t be a trust or company purchase
  • Select postcodes in Victoria apply for $5 Mil plus purchases

This product stands out as a market leader with no comparable offerings elsewhere. As always, it’s important to note the disclaimer: eligibility is subject to standard lending criteria, including credit assessment, postcode, and maximum loan limits.

Included postcodes
In Victoria, the following postcodes are included in this incredibly unique product and offer:

If you’re interested in optimising your debt and retaining cash, get in touch as we can help with this incredibly unique and useful product, available only through a handful of brokers across Australia.


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