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Buying and selling property

With everything under one roof, our legal experts communicate directly with our finance and property teams meaning a seamless experience for you.

Having an entourage means:

  • Legal experts with decades of experience guiding you through and ensuring your rights are respected
  • A seamless experience for you as our teams are all integrated, you only provide your information once
  • You are on top of everything as your conveyancer interprets the complex legal jargon and distills it in a straightforward way

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Buying and selling

Protecting you along the journey

Buying and Selling
Buying a property

Before you sign a contract of sale, it’s crucial to get a lawyer to review it. There are often hidden clauses or careful wording that upon first glance may seem fine, but a closer look may reveal will not be in your favour. Understanding covenants and potential overlays, possible developments and council plans is a key part of getting the outcome you want. Ensuring you get fair treatment and are not adversely affected by a clause or future building plan is all part of having an entourage.

Commercial Finance
Experts across all property law

Should your scenario be a little more complex than a straightforward sale or purchase, our multi-disciplined experts are on hand to support you. With over twenty years’ experience in property law, including everything from subdivision registration, residential or commercial property law, you’ve got an entourage on your side.

Everything is negotiable

When buying or selling, nothing is set in stone, not even the contract. But negotiating with another party is only possible if you know where you stand and how you’ll be affected by potential changes. This could be anything from finance clauses and building and pest inspections, through to inclusion of whitegoods or chattels.

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Buying property

When buying it’s important to protect your interests and have a professional conveyancer review the contract. Having an entourage on your side takes the emotion out of the purchase, with quality advice delivered when you need it.

Included when purchasing through Entourage you get:

  • A thorough contract/section 32 review
  • Advice on what points you need to negotiate, change or outright reject
  • All searches conducted including covenant and title searches
  • Title deed transfers, PEXA registration and settlement

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Time to move on

Selling property

When selling your property (whether investment or principal place of residence) it’s important you have a qualified conveyancer prepare the contract. Having an entourage means you get the right advice delivered at the right time.

Included when purchasing through Entourage you get:

  • Preparation of your contract
  • Support throughout the negotiations, what can be changed and what can’t be
  • Title deed transfers, PEXA registration and settlement
  • Settling on time – we ensure there are no delays along the way

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Guiding you through

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked all sorts of questions, here are some answers:

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What is a covenant?

A Covenant was basically the first example of town planning and is used to limit the way property owners can utilise their land.

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What costs can I expect to see when buying or selling?

In this article we look at what costs you are likely to incur when buying and selling property.

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What is a subject to finance clause?

Unless you are paying cash to purchase a house then we would suggest you always include a subject to finance clause.

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When should you walk away from a property purchase?

There are many reasons you might decide to ‘pull out’ of a property purchase or indeed not proceed to purchase in the first instance.

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