What is a Vendors Advocate?

Property Apr 2, 2023

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what is a vendors advocate
what is a vendors advocate

What is a Vendor’s Advocate?

A Vendor’s Advocate is essentially the project manager for your property sale. A Vendor’s Advocate helps you to sell your property and is involved from the initial strategic planning phase following the campaign through to settlement day.

A Vendor’s Advocate is there:

  • helping you prepare the property so it’s ready for market (things like coordinating your declutter, painting, etc.)
  • having the Real Estate Agents compete for your listing (making sure you have the right agent for the area and property)
  • helping you select the type of sale (auction, private listing, off-market)
  • coordinating the legal side including the contract of sale
  • arranging staging of the property
  • helping in determining marketing spend and placement
  • negotiating terms with buyers and other agents to get you the best price.

Why use one?

People look to enlist a Vendor’s Advocate generally because they want to make sure they get the best price for their property. They may be unsure as to how to present the property or whether there’s a particular Agent that’s better suited over another, as their abilities and networks can be vastly different.

Then it comes to negotiating the price, and there are various methods that can be used to squeeze every last dollar out of the buyer. Most people are really happy to have another person with this experience on their side. Many people only sell a property once or twice in their lifetime so they don’t want to be making the biggest financial decision of their lives on their own. To summarise a Vendor’s Advocate can help by:

  • getting you the best possible price
  • saving you time
  • guiding you through the big decisions.

Who should use a Vendor’s Advocate?

Everyone. No, really. The Vendor’s Advocate shares a portion of the agent’s commission. Instead of you paying more to use a vendor’s advocacy service, they simply share in what you’re already paying the Real Estate Agent. So essentially you get the Vendor Advocate thrown in for “free” and a good Vendor’s Advocate definitely earns their fee

If you’re interested in chatting with a qualified and experienced Vendor’s Advocate get in touch here.

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