Why do doctors need a mortgage broker?

Finance May 11, 2022

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Doctors 6
Doctors 6

As a specialist in your own field, you intimately understand the benefits of specialisation in a medical setting. The same applies to your finances. When it comes time to arrange finance, structuring debt and selecting the right product, it pays to work with an experienced, professional mortgage broker.

Saves you time and money

Working with a mortgage broker saves you time – you don’t have to find time in your busy schedule comparing home loans and rates, calling bankers and filling in forms. A mortgage broker takes care of the research, comparisons and negotiations, providing you a suitable solution and recommendations accordingly.

A smoother home loan application process

With dedicated brokers and customer service managers on your team, you get quality advice and guidance at every stage of the home loan journey.

Work with experts on your personal or business finances; from home loans through to commercial finance many lenders have created special loan packages just for medical professionals to meet your unique needs. This applies to both business and start finance, residential or commercial property.

Why work with Entourage?

We employ specialists mortgage brokers who intimately understand home loans for doctors and other medical professionals. Not only does it make the whole process easier for you, saving you time comparing products and rates, but we do this every day and have the process and connections to maximise our output and your result.

By comparing a range of different options for you, we are able to secure you the most competitive rates in the market, with fast turnaround times.

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