There are few perfect combinations in this world: champagne and strawberries; football and September; and property and finance. 

Here, at the Entourage team, we added a Property division at the end of 2019, expanding on our Entourage Finance and Entourage Legal offerings which have been operating since 2015. 

The Property division, headed up by highly-experienced Melbourne property professional Antoinette Sagariais the latest addition to the Entourage stable as we continue our pledge to create the marketplace’s leading holistic client offering. 

Under the one roof, clients can now engage specialists – true trusted advisors – to help them finance, source, sell, settle and cover all legal requirements and processes associated with personal and corporate property ambitions. 

The shared client 

Buyer’s advocates, vendor’s advisors and mortgage brokers all sit within an ecosystem where the CLIENT IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR. 

Everyone knows what a real estate agent does, but people are less certain of the opportunities and benefits created by a buyer’s advocate – they probably know less about the role of a vendor’s advocate. 

There are two major difference between a real estate agent and a buyer’s advocate: 

1) A real estate agent looks after the interests of the seller, whilst the buyer’s advocate acts in the interests of the purchaser; 

2) A real estate agent will typically focus on marketing their sellers’ listings, whereas a buyer’s advocate scours the listings of every agency in the preferred marketplace(s) of their client to find the right property at the right price 

Experienced and hard-working buyer’s advocates will also have a wide-range of off-market properties at their fingertips, developed through enquiries and relationships they’ve developed in the game. 

A vendor’s advocate is also distinct from a real estate agent. While the real estate agent finds their sellers’ the right buyer, the vendor’s advocate is engaged one step earlier in the process, tasked with finding the right agent to deliver a premium outcome. 

The vendor’s advocate does all the leg-work prior to engaging a sales agent, calling on their experience and understanding of which agents have the right database, marketing acumen, and track record in specific sales methods (ie auctions) to deliver on their client’s ambitions. 

The advocate will also represent the client in negotiating a commission payable at settlement to the agent (and designing any bonus structure) setting agreed expectations for a sale price, critically reviewing the marketing campaign and act as liaison with the agent during the campaign process. 

To achieve results under any market conditions, a vendor advocate will spend time analysing who is interested in purchasing their clients property, ensuring an appropriate strategy is set.  

Collaboration = celebration 

Together, the buyer’s advocate, vendor’s advisor and mortgage broker work towards a common goal – the perfect outcome for their client. 

So how do the activities intersect? 

When someone wants to upgrade to a new home or buy an investment property, they’ll need some sort of debt vehicle to achieve their goal. 

So, when someone engages our buyer’s agent, Antoinette, to find them the right property, she walks down the hall to our brokers, and pulls up a chair. With the client, Entourage Property and Entourage Finance is able to determine how much they can borrow and whether the suburbs and type of property of interest is achievable. It’s about removing the chances of missing out. Our brokers then set about securing pre-approval and, ultimately, unconditional approval for the client. 

And while buyer’s advocates have access to a wide range of agents and propertiesbrokers also have access to a wide range of lenders from which they find their clients the best finance product to suit their property purchase. Whether they’re an owner-occupant or an investor, they’ll find the solution that best suits their needs. 

Having a finance specialist riding shotgun in the property acquisition process means Entourage Property can source the right real estate opportunity for clients faster, more competitively, and with certainty.  

For sellers who choose to use our vendor’s advisory service, they can workshop scenarios with the broker that enable them to: 

  • understand their debt situation based on price variances at sale; 
  • consider products that may better suit their personal situation post-sale, especially when upgrading and downsizing; 
  • reprice to a better outcome. 

The benefits of an all-in-one service 

There’s a host of reasons why it’s beneficial to engage an all-in-one property service, but the main benefits are: 

  • The convenience of having an integrated team behind you in your property journey; 
  • The heightened accountability of a single team; 
  • The speed in which results can be delivered by specialists operating under a single roof. 

The Entourage team offers access to more properties, more real estate agents and more lending products … it all leads to more chances of the best outcome for clients. 

Contact Antoinette today to discuss your property journey!