How Andy and Tabitha bought their first investment

Andy and Tabitha are siblings who also both happen to be surgeons. They were looking to buy their first investment property together. The key areas Entourage and mortgage broker Vincent Moore was able to help them with included:

  • Eligibility for any first home buyer incentives
  • Borrowing power and lending options
  • Access to medico lending packages reducing their deposit
  • Eligibility for an LMI waiver

Andy and Tabitha engaged Entourage back in July 2021 to discuss purchasing an investment property and sought guidance on maximising its tax efficiency. Vincent helped them to understand what their borrowing power was, which lenders offered medical packages for those who work in medical professions and access an LMI waiver too. They found, purchased and settled on the property within six months.

The best part is, helping Andy and Tabitha access a loan without LMI and a lower deposit, meant just nine months later they were in a position to commence looking for their first owner occupied home.

Do you work in the medical profession? We can help you get a great deal on your next home or investment loan.

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