Triple honours for triple the experience

Finance Sep 12, 2019

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Our three-corned approach to customer service was recognised this week with our team of brokers, conveyancer and property lawyer getting a nod in Australian Broker’s prestigious Australian Mortgage Awards.

It’s the third year in a row we’ve been nominated as a finalist amongst the industry’s best mid-sized brokerages. We’re pretty chuffed by that. After all, as a lot of successful people have said: ‘It’s a lot easier getting to the top than staying there’.

The recognition we’ve received from the industry has mirrored the recognition we’ve won from customers. It’s pretty simple – we offer convenience, security and premium outcomes that you can only get from a complete financial experience under a single roof.

Director Damien nailed our promise to our customers when he created our name – an entourage: ‘a group of people attending or surrounding an important person’. 

That important person is our customer.

A complete home loan experience

When someone walks through the door of Entourage, they benefit from a three-level experience that includes:

  • access to customer-focused brokers who know the best products, best lenders and banks, as well as the simplest ways to get finance. Our brokers collaborate on different loans for what we call the ‘one-touch application’
  • an in-house conveyancer working side-by-side with brokers to make sure process is communicated transparently and runs on time 
  • a lawyer with an encyclopedic understanding of all things property-law related, who provides peace of mind through FREE contract checks. 

Rolling out the red carpet

We pride ourselves on offering the same high level of service to every customer, irrespective of their situation.

For example, this year, one of our existing customers came to us with an issue. She wanted finance to upgrade her car but wanted to avoid asset finance interest rates, which are typically higher than residential property rates.

We managed to arrange a top-up of her existing loan, which involved a new application and income assessment.

We secured her request as a separate loan and, with our advice, she’s committed to pay it off under a five-year term. 

At the other end of the scale, we helped a couple who were transacting on a multi-million dollar Melbourne property. They’d been knocked back by lender after lender because they were self-employed and didn’t hold much financial liquidity.

Our brokers workshopped the situation, identified the lenders who would play ball, repackaged the application and brought in their accountant. After countless setbacks, we solved their problem, all within 11 days.

Completely different scenarios … same committed, customer service.

What’s in a name?

Our name is our promise. A home loan experience you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Whether you’re a first-home buyer, investor, owner-occupier or wanting to refinance, our brokers, conveyancer and property law specialist will provide an unmatched home loan experience.

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